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Giving Thanks

I just finished my thank you greeting cards for Christmas. I know, Im a bit tardy. My goal since starting my own business this year was that I would try not to buy another card.

The top two are fairly classic and the bottom designs are funky & contemporary following the ethnic and Navajo trend. The medium I used for the bottom two were mixed, using watercolor then scanning into my digital program.


Baby B

Its a pretty amazing feeling to become an aunt and I cherish the times I spend with my niece. It was painful when she was born on the east coast and we lived on the west coast; We were unable to meet her till she was 5 months old! Now that we are close I get to have the pleasure of watching her grow and develop on a regular basis and boy does she grow fast! I came across these silly pictures from our last visit together. In these pictures I was showing her how to be goofy (please focus more on her facial expressions, not mine!). Gradually she hammed it up like her auntie knows how to do very well!

As usual, it got me reminiscing.  I had not seen my sister pregnant until coming home for her baby shower on a hot summer day in June 2010, she was born the end of July.  I was a bit emotional about the whole thing and it was very special for me to be there. Not knowing anything about this baby in her belly, I must have already felt a connection. I designed shower cards and flags and my mother made pretty cookies to match (we make a great team!). Choosing to make the “B” as a focal point worked out because now my nieces nick name starts with a “B”! I cant wait till we can have full conversations together but , for the time being, Im enjoying the phone calls I get from her “cell phone” saying, “Hi Gigi”!

Chevron Craze

Due to being in the fashion industry since 2004, I subconsciously continue to do fashion research and trend shop! Although I pride myself for having a keen eye and great attention to detail, a trend no one is a stranger to these days is the HUGE chevron print craze. Bags, shoes, nails, tables, i-phone cases, baby bibs, etc. & the list goes on! Dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of this simplistic print but wished it hadn’t gotten to the tipping point.  I mean, chevron has always been a timeless print- hello Missoni?

So, I had the idea to bring this zig zag print back to nature! Check out my illustration below and see if you can find the hidden patterns.

 It was a fun day indoors yesterday and I let my imagination take over!

Rollin’ n’ Profilin’

Yesterday I was at a stop light behind this car. License plate says, “MMEOW” & Bumpa Sticka (how we say it in Boston) says, “Well-behaved women seldom make history”. I like the sassiness of all of this and it makes me motivated. I think I might fabricate what I envision this woman to look like in a later post. Im assuming this person is a female…or feline(haha) but maybe not? Stay tuned…

Snow Fall

Today I woke up and looked out the window-Winter in Boston was finally here! Snow covered the trees, rooftops and a large blanket covered our driveway. All the times in my teenage years I made excuses for not being able to shovel and now…karma has come around. Hubby was at work and my black rubber boots were glistening, almost beckoning me to the back door. Shall I procrastinate more and continue my work or surrender? I slipped on my boots, and off I went expecting Id have a back ache later.

What ever happened to being young and enjoying the simple things in life? When looking at these care-free, childhood photos, it reminded me to be in the moment. I actually enjoyed the snow today and wished it wasn’t strange at my age to build an igloo in my front yard.

My Golden Birthday

My golden birthday was not too long ago-I turned 30 on the 3oth. I am not one to get excited and plan a party especially on one of the most anxiety driven birthdays. I was just hoping to be with close friends and family which is exactly what I got and it was a perfect day! Our best friends in San Francisco have been great about keeping in touch and made my day even more special with a package waiting for me a couple days before. I received a milk glass punch bowl with a set of cups to go along with it! These were not just pretty antiques, they had special meaning from our time in SF. One of our favorite restaurants called Zero Zero served their delicious spiked punch in this very bowl and cup! It was a great start to celebrating the day and saying goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012! I sent them a thank you card that illustrates its character.

Its Personal

For Christmas I made each of my family members their own personal stationery and cards. 

Heritage Isle Story

HIP Moto-Inspired By the Past, Creating In the Present

~Heritage Isle Press has arrived~

Happy New Year! Ive started my own graphic design business and what better time to start blogging!

      Heritage Isle Press has been a long time coming.  I decided to leave the fashion industry behind because I longed for more opportunity and happiness. After over 3 years living in San Francisco, my husband and I packed up our things and drove cross country to the place we call home on the east coast. Though I felt San Francisco held a big place in my heart, I was eager to start my next chapter. The drive was an analogy for the transition we were making in our lives; making changes to better our lives and feed our souls. Everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love and love what they do in life!

My blog will be a window into my life with photos capturing moments, inspirations, ideas and what Im up to on a regular basis with a touch of humor here and there.

Check back soon for some photos. Thanks for coming!