Pre-Spring Cleaning

by heritagehobinv



Hello! I have been in the midst of cleaning out my closet(s) the past week. When you have a closet (not your own) just for dresses you know you need to purge! I normally start to get rid of “things” and then I get too overwhelmed I shove it all away again. Not this week, Im ready for a fresh start. Working in the fashion industry was great because I was constantly surrounded by samples and fashionistas that made me hypnotized and think it was the norm. I accumulated too much stuff- stuff that doesnt matter or fit for that matter. Hopefully one man’s trash is another man’s treasure for me at Buffalo Exchange!

While I was digging away for old frocks, I came across a large rolled up cylinder with masking tape holding on by a thread. As I unpeeled the tape, I felt like I was unearthing a time capsule. It was an art project I did in college. I blew the charcoal flecks still left on the surface like dusk from a shelf.

At the time of this creation, I was obsessed with the world of fashion-ate, slept dreamt it. I remember feeling a bit insecure and nervous of the unknown and most of all, not having the money, or the frame to wear what was acceptable. Little did I know at that point of my life, that I would be invaded by this world soon. To the point of voluntarily leaving it.

It feels great to share this art this week ; I dont miss that world and so I will
take my clothes and set them free, ha.