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First of all, I want to say that I have completely neglected my blog! Id like to make up for it by doing a longer post today. It has been just a year since we moved back to the East Coast from San Francisco, wow! Id like to pay homage by sharing some photo collages. These are either from outside our window, over the golden gate bridge or weekend trips beyond. When looking at all my photos, I found commonality between my favorites; they all seem to be located in close proximity to bodies of water. It doesn’t surprise me that I continue to have a magnetism to such places. I thrive and learn when Im near.

I remember thinking to myself, will we ever find that indy, rustic farm, beachy vibe near Boston? Where will we find cheese made fresh from the lands, Paper kissed from uncle Hank’s Vandercook or boutiques with designer dresses unique to the area?

This summer has been full of travel, culture and fun. We have traveled north and south of Boston and now we can finally answer this question and we can remind ourselves from times passed that NE has alot to offer as well! Its simple really. You just have to look for places that ┬áhave inherited traits from their ancestors and environment surroundings. It is tradition that carries on ancestors recipes, habits and objects. In these neat beach towns and farm lands, salty air and the scent of hay, builds character and tells its settler’s story.