Family Pressed

by heritagehobinv

Its been a while since my last post. Ive been very busy with projects ,which is a great thing, and one especially I am pleased to share today. This wedding suite means alot to me because its my brothers! Everyday Im trying new things and pushing the envelope (no pun intended) to set myself apart. I worked with an old Winchester youth groupy to make my designs come to life. Ive taken a couple classes in letterpress but this is the first time I have seen my actual original designs pressed. When I found out that my fellow Winchesterite started his own letterpress company a couple years ago I had to reconnect. It was really fun to come together and collaborate our talents. Im very excited that now the door has opened for me to offer this service to my clients! I dont want to show too much since its pretty hot off the press but this gives you a peak.